Friday, April 15, 2011

Kido’s younger sister wishing you a happy Easter!

Easter is a celebration in remembrance of Jesus waking up from his death. It’s also considered a spring celebration. The reason why bunnies and eggs are connected with Easter is that baby bunnies are born and chicks come out of their eggs in the spring. Eggs are also eaten by Christians who fast before Easter, to get their strength back. In the past, people used to place eggs in their fields or they would hide them in the ground to make their fields more productive.

Wishing everyone who celebrates Easter, a happy Easter! At nursery school we would make fun looking Easter decorations. Have fun painting, plastering, decorating or coloring eggs and hiding them in your garden!:)

I would like you to meet Kido’s younger sister.:)


I’ve searched for some fun Easter decorations. I’m not a Christian, but these are some decorations I like.

With these colorful reusable Easter GelGems your kids can create their own Easter basket filled with goodies and eggs on any smooth surface. Peel it off when you have celebrated your Easter in 2011 and you can use it again in 2012.;)
 I also like these  Easter Bunny Stickers (4 sheets/pkg). Two weeks ago I had stuck an Easter bunny sticker on a postcard for a friend. My postcard was looking much more fun with a sticker on it. I think that the smiling bunny will put a smile on her face when she’ll receive my postcard.
 Or these beautiful S&S Worldwide Easter Cutouts  are also fun to decorate baskets or your home with.