Tuesday, August 9, 2011

USA Trade and Exhibition Fair

Hi Everyone!
I’m placing a blogpost out here today after a long time. I’m kind of busy to work on all my 3 blogs regularly. About 2 weeks ago I had been to the USA Trade and Exhibition Fair and I had clicked some pictures, so I’m sharing some of those pictures with you guys. It was kind of boring this year and there were fewer stands compared to the previous years.

'Going Green for Better Business' was the theme of the fair.

Fernandes is our no.1 lemonade company and one of the pretty ladies from the stand offered to get a taste of the blue PowerAde out there. The PowerAde and the Minute Made or imported products.

These are the soft drinks produced in Suriname.

Suriname only contains about 500.000 inhabitants, so recycling the bottles out here would be costly. The bottles are cut into bits and then they’re exported to some foreign company.

The pictures below are from the stand of another company ‘SUWAMA’ which collects recyclable materials.

Products from recycled materials.

Durable flashlight that works with solar energy.

Dad and I also received promotional items; these are highlighters.

Haaaaa…and there was a lot more, I’m not into writing today, so I’ll just place some of the pictures; you can see for yourself...haha.:)

Saturday and yesterday I went to the ‘Construction and Interior Exhibition’, maybe I’ll place some of those pictures some other time out here.