Thursday, March 31, 2011

My first real pencil drawings at campus

Isn’t it amazing what a small thing like a pencil can do? You can write thousands of sentences with this one little writing-material, make drawings, and organize your ideas in writing that can be worth thousands or even millions of dollars…ha super powerful little thing when connected with your brains. The first words I had written at school were with a pencil, so that makes pencils very special to me.

I would like to share with you, my first real pencil drawings at campus. At first our teacher had placed a pot with a plant on a table and we had to draw it. This drawing was made in December 2003. I’ve edited the color of this drawing scan a little bit so you can see better what I had drawn; this drawing actually wasn’t made with a drawing pencil (B pencil). My biggest mistake in this drawing was that my drawing is on one side of the sheet.

After having rehearsed in the classroom, we had to make drawings at Fort Zeelandia. First, I had rehearsed with two uncompleted drawings of buildings out there. This was my first drawing of a monumental building that I had completed. I did a little bit of cheating with this drawing; we actually weren’t allowed to use a ruler, but I had difficulties drawing free- handed straight lines, so I drew some lines lightly with a ruler and then drew free-handed over those lightly drawn lines. My biggest mistake in this drawing is that I hadn’t used a disappearing point at one side.

One of the students had borrowed my final drawing, and she had lost it, so I can’t share that one with you guys.

“It is not practice that makes perfect; it is imperfect practice that eventually makes perfect.”—Brian Tracy

It’s been years that I made real pencil drawings; I actually rather like drawing with drawing softwares on the computer/laptop. I’m actually in the mood now to make some real pencil drawings. I think I’ll make some real sketches after I’m done with my thesis.

If you want to make sketches along with me here are some tools for you guys. If you need some guidance, you could try the old bestseller Keys to Drawing. Maybe I should be getting one for myself. People who didn’t believe that they could draw and who have tried the exercises from this book love this book, cause they discovered that they actually are capable of making beautiful drawings.
For some good pencils from 9B to H, try Derwent Graphic Pencil Sketch Set/12 and blend the colors to your heart’s content to draw that beautiful sketch you desire!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Neighbor’s doggies in our yard

Some time ago our neighbor’s dog had given birth to puppies in our yard. Puppies are born about two months after the dog feast (conception). Unlike with humans, dog pregnancy can’t be diagnosed with urine test. Though it can be diagnosed with blood test, with x-rays or the vet can diagnose it by feeling the dog’s abdomen (that is about after a month). In Suriname, most dogs deliver their puppies without human involvement, just like the mom of these puppies. All her puppies were born healthy. Our neighbor took the puppies away when they got bigger and came out of their nest; they were hidden under old boards. I had clicked some pictures that I would like to share with you guys. Aren’t they cute and adorable? I’m like aaahh when I look at these pictures; they were so cute. Our dog 'Bello' is probably the dad of these adorable puppies.

This is our Bello. He likes sleeping on his back like a human being and he loves attention and being cuddled. He used to do very naughty things like taking cloths to dry from the line and placing them at the entrance of our yard outside or sometimes he would take shoes and socks and make them dirty; maybe he wanted more attention. I actually don’t really know why he had started with this kind of behavior. He got some scolding from my younger brother so he stopped with his odd behavior and I’m glad he did. I would otherwise find my towel in the yard when I woke up.

If you have a heart for dogs, you might like this highly recommended book by the author Lewis Blackwell and the multi-award-winning photographer Tim Flach. Dogs promises to be the most appealing, popular, and exciting photographic tributes to dogs that has ever been published.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Kido-cat and the green lizard

Need to guide your cat to spiritual fulfillment? These funny Cat Yoga Postcards will help you on the way.:) The back of the postcards also features a description of the health benefits of the corresponding pose. These cat yoga cats brought a big smile on my face; they’ll definitely bring a smile on the faces of people who’ll receive these cards. They come in a set of 32 postcards.
P.s. Wishing everyone who’ll celebrate Holi, a colorful “Shubh Holi!” in advance.

My aunt (dad’s sister) is celebrating her 80th birthday today, so I’ll join in the party in a while.;)

Wonderful day to all of you!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Say hello to our little Smurfs

Do you guys have any idea where the term goblin arose from? I think goblins are as interesting as mushrooms, but they only exist in a movie and fantasy world. I loved the Emmy-winning Hanna-Barbera cartoon series “The Smurfs” as a child. The Smurfs are not exactly goblins, cause they’re blue, they have four fingers at each hand, and a small tale. Warner Bros. had released  The Smurfs - Season One, Vol. One later on, which contained the first 19 episodes of the Hanna-Barbera cartoon series. About a decade ago I used to play a Smurfs videogame…forgot the name.


The creator of The Smurfs was the Belgian Peyo (Pierre Culliford). At first, there were comic strips which were introduced in 1958. The blue creatures were at first called “Schtroumpf” which was later translated in Dutch as “Smurfs”. The first animated series in black and white were based on existing stories and was created by the writer Maurice Rosy which were introduced in 1961.
I’m awaiting the new Smurfs movies coming soon, in which Katy Perry is providing the voice of Smurfette. The preparations for these movies had begun since 2003, so I’m excited of the outcome. Though…am I too old for The Smurfs movie…ha, I can take one of my nieces or nephews or maybe my youngest cousin along to the cinema.:) Meenu, one of my best friends, took me to the cinema some time ago and we watched Tangled…so I don’t think watching The Smurfs should be a problem. Meenu wanted to be the first to take me to our newest cinema TBL & so I had called off my friend Sylvana’s offer to take me out to TBL cinemas in September 2010 and waited 4 months till Meenu had time and that was on the 25th of January, but the wait was worth it. This was also my first 3-D movie and we had a wonderful time. Meenu had picked me up from home and she had paid for everything and said, “Consider that it’s your birthday today”.:) We first went to buy the tickets, but we saw a red carpet, so Meenu was like, ‘’Shit, we can’t go inside!”. We bought our tickets, cuase we actually could get inside from one of the stairs. And after that, we went to Coffee Corner and we had a Ciabata and milkshake (I had a ‘Tomato Mozzarella Ciabata’ and a strawberry milkshake). We went back early in the cinema and asked the ticket controller constantly if we could get inside. Meenu said that it gets crowded and it’s difficult to find a good seat from where the view is perfect if u don’t go inside early. But it appeared that the cinema hall was almost empty. Only one child and 6 adults (including the two of us).:)

Okay, that’s it for today! Ciaooooo everyone!!! Will be back next week with our Kido-cat. Till then, have a smurfing time! I’ll probably have a super smurfing time at granny’s tomorrow, it’s her 79th birthday.;)

Monday, March 7, 2011

A visit to our garden mushrooms (part 2)

Notice to all goblins: There are beautiful homes available for you in our garden! Which model do you like most?

Layered mushroom attached to a tree trunk.

This beautiful fan was attached to a flower stem.

Lots of mushrooms and mushroom buds attached to a piece of a tree trunk.

These were also attached to a piece of a tree trunk; they were very creepy to watch cause there were hundreds of them attached very closely to each other. Though if you look closely they look like an artistic piece of art.:)

Don’t have mushrooms in your garden? These colorful cartoon mushrooms will brighten up your garden.

Or you can bring nature in your home by placing this beautiful  Mushrooms Night Light in your house. Doesn’t the lamp look like real mesmerizing mushrooms?