Sunday, September 19, 2010

Canon cameras

I've taken the pictures on this blog with my dad's 7.1 MP Canon Digital IXUS75. You can find Canon cameras in 21.1 MP nowadays, but they're pretty expensive for me at the moment. I'm actually thinking of getting a very good Canon camera for myself somewhere in the future.;)

You can order your Canon EOS 5D Mark II right away from my page by clicking on the product link below.

This one looks like dad's silver coloured camera and it's cheaper.

This silver one actually has a higer MP, also looks nice;)

Especially for the people searching for a cheap and good camera, pretty affordable.

There are also waterproof versions, I find this one pretty cool and it's in my favorite colour.

I really like the look and colour of this one, also available in red.


Hope that you found one that suits your character and budget if you're looking for a camera. Best of luck capturing those beautiful snaps!;)
Sharda Sewdien

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