Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hey ladies!
Look what I’ve found! **** Shoebaloebaloeee…SHOES!!!
I like these ankle-straps.;)
Sorry guys, this is a women’s thing. You guys get the credit for buying them for us.:) Maybe you guys can buy a pair a of these shoes for your gf(‘s) or wife or maybe your sweet sister. You would make their day if they like these kinds of shoes.

I like this T-strap in the available soft-brown colour, great for at office.

This one would go very well with a black dress and a matching handbag.

Cool-looking espadrille, I actually like braided things, especially handbags.


This one is my favourite of all the shoes I’ve placed out here. It has a very cute bow at the back. Looks very elegant.

I like this one in the available shiny purple colour, all those strings gives it a sexy look.

Very soft and elegant-looking, the ribs make this shoe special.

I actually have a T-strap sandal on my shoe-rack that looks a little bit like this one, though this one has double straps.

This one looks very cute, especially in pink. I think this one would be nice for campus or maybe the cinema or grocery store or just for a day out with friends.

For more details, just click on the shoes.


  1. thanks for your comment on the blog. glad you like your pics!

  2. thanks for stopping by my site :) i really like the Artly Sandals!

  3. your fav us also my fav. i have a soft spot for anything with a bow :)