Friday, January 20, 2012

This week's freebies and questions for you

Hey everyone!
It’s a New Year and a new time to renew, so I am going to ask you guys some questions.
Question 1: What do you guys like about my blog?
Question 2: What would you like to see more of on my blog?

These are this week’s freebies for everyone, but you have to participate in this week’s scavenger hunt in order to find and download them!;) Have fun finding them! (Hint: On which blog post is the link for this week’s freebies?)

Here’s a layout I created with this week’s freebies. I encourage everyone visiting my blog to try these freebies out! These are fast and fun, and a great way to embellish your photos. If you think that you can’t scrapbook, think again! With these free Quick Pages it is easy to just layer your pictures behind the page. Add a little journaling or extra embellishments if you wish and you’re ready for printing or saving for the web! If you need some help, please check my previous posts for tutorials.

I am getting lots of visitors on my blog, but not many people follow me out here. I would love having more followers out here, so please be a follower on my blog! Wishing you guys a wonderful day!!!


  1. I hope you find other friends on your blog!

    Women have the green veil and some other colors, because in India is the color of memory for the commemoration of the victims.

    Good sunday,dear

  2. Dank je wel voor al je reacties op mijn blog.
    Jouw blog is ook erg leuk, ik wil ook nog een keer iets digitaal maken, vind dat ook altijd wel leuk :D
    Groetjes Petra

  3. Hi Sharda, just had a look around your blog, it's fab. Love the gorgeous LO, the photos and design are so lovely.

    Donna x

  4. Your freebies are lovely, Sharda !
    Do hope others will be interested in them, I'm so busy trying out textures on my photos ...
    Wish you a nice evening,