Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's freebies

Hi everyone!
I’m back with this week’s new freebies!
Here’s the link for everyone to download these freebies: the link for these freebies has expired; check the newer posts for new freebies
Barbara Eastwick has a tutorial for you on how you can create Valentine’s Cards for your child’s class with these freebies HERE's.

The My Memories Suite software is so easy that even your child can create his/her own Valentine’s Cards. And remember, you can use my discount code STMMMS35043 to purchase your software.
Here are some advantages of purchasing the My Memories Suite Version 3 software:
• The cool thing is that with the discount code you will be the owner of this software for only $29.97!!!
• You will receive a $10 coupon, which comes with the software. With this coupon you can choose a kit for free at when the kit costs $10 or less. When you purchase something that’s over $10, it’s minus $10 off your purchase!
• You can download lots of kits at for free!!! The free kits at are available for a limited time and are replaced by other new kits. So you will never get bored working with this software, cause you will always have new items to work with, which are absolutely free!!!

You can create your Valentine’s card within a minute or two with this software. I have created a Valentine’s card and I’ve used items from the MMS software, the Cherished Wedding Pack and from the free kit Loved Ones Extras which I had downloaded from .

Here are the steps for creating this card:
• Open a blank page in MMS.
• Place a background by using the Background Papers tab on your Control Panel: Background Papers --> Purchased --> Weddings --> white petals --> OK
• Place some embellishments on your background: Embellishments --> Add --> Purchased --> Love --> Loved Ones Extras --> 2HeartsShdw --> Apply --> Weddings --> Cherished Wedding Pack --> Tags -->  4ever tag --> Apply --> Love --> Side by Side --> Perfect Couple --> Apply --> Close. So you now have all the embellishments on your page. Arrange the embellishments the way you like, make them a bit bigger or smaller if you like and you’re done!

You can use another background and/or embellishments to create your own unique Valentine’s card. Print out your card or save it for sharing through mail, fb etc. If you use packs which are created by StoryRock you could even sell your created card.;) Packs/kits sold at which are not created by StoryRock have their own policies, so if you use packs created by other parties, you will have to find out yourself if you are allowed to sell your created cards.

That’s it for today’s post! Do come back next week, cuase February is a month filled with love and I have something very special for you!!!

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