Friday, March 23, 2012

Extra freebies this week!

Hey everyone!
I have something very special for you today! Guess what I have for you guys today...Candy Wrapper Freebies!!! I am pampering you guys with two sets of new freebies this week! These freebies can be used in any software, but I’m recommending the MMS software. If you don’t have this software yet, you can order it using my discount code STMMMS35043 ; you will get $10 off your MMS software purchase when you use this code at ! And remember, when you purchase your software using my code before the end of this month you will be eligible to receive a one year free RAKStar Membership worth $247.35!!! Isn’t that wonderful! Just mail me your receipt at for your free mega gift!;)
Here’s the link for everyone to download these freebies:
link to these freebies has expired; check out my newer posts for new freebies.
And here’s a sample I received from Liz.

You will definitely put a smile on your friend’s face by gifting a candy with a very special wrapping to him or her.

Here are the steps for you to create this candy wrapper:
• Open you’re My Memories Suite software and choose your album size (Liz has choosen 8.5 x 11” )
• Add the papers and elements you wish to use to create your own printable project
• Click ‘SHARE ALBUM --> EXPORT PAGES and save as a .jpg! The new .jpg papers you created are now usable as stand alone printable projects to use and reuse anytime!

Here’s the link to your second free gift: link to these freebies has expired; check out my newer posts for new freebies.
This is a sample I had created with these freebies. We had celebrated our granny’s 80th birthday on Saturday, so I had created an 80 with the ‘DesignsbyShelle_Cherished-BG6’ background and also had printed out ‘DesignsbyShelle_Cherished-FlowerDoodle’ freebie twice which I had cut out and stuck at the sides of the 80. I had stuck the 80 in the balcony of granny’s house, so everyone could see it.

Here are the steps for you to create your birthday cut-outs:
• Open your My Memories Suite software and choose your album size (I had choosen for an A4 format).
• Click on your ‘Embellishments’ button and then on your ‘Browse Other...’ tab and insert the flower.
• Right click on the icon of your page which you see at the bottom of your screen and choose for ‘Insert Duplicate Page Mirrored’. So now you have two pages with two flowers.
• Now insert another blank page and click on your ‘Word Art Designer’ tab, then click on the ‘Add’ tab and now you can type in your number. I had typed in 8. Click on your ‘Fill’ tab of your ‘Word Art Designer’ and choose for ‘image’. Then click on the ‘Change’ tab and use the background you like from your freebies. Click on the ‘Stroke’ tab and pick a color with your picker. I had chosen the color of my flower. You can do this by clicking on your ‘picker’ tab and then clicking on ‘previous page’ and choosing your color. As simple as that!

You guys have fun with your freebies! I’ll see you guys next time!


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