Friday, May 27, 2011

It’s party time! (Part 2)

Hi everyone!
How have you guys been doing? I’ve been doing well. Beautiful weather out here today, he hot weather finally seems to have taken a vacation.;)
I bought an Alcatel OT-303 past Friday with the money I had received for hiding shoes of the groom and letting the groom inside the house. Dad also had given me money to do shopping for the wedding, but I didn’t need to buy anything, so I also added some of that money for my Alcatel. I have two mobile no.’s and I don’t use one of them that often, so one of my mobiles mostly stays at home. My cousin calls me on that no. to chat at night. I wasn’t able to talk with my 10 year old mobile if the charger wasn’t connected, so I really needed a new one. But because I’m mostly using it for talking with my cousin, I was searching for the cheapest mobile I could find. One of the mobile companies has lowered their prices for Mother’s day till end of the month, so I bought the 2nd cheapest mobile at the mobile store.

My old Nokia mobile.  

My new Alcatel OT-303. One of Kido’s kittens is on the wallpaper. The picture quality isn’t that good, cause it has a VGA camera and there isn’t much memory on this slow mobile. But an okay mobile for talking and texting and u can also listen to the radio.;) Kido’s kittens have become very naughty and are climbing all over the place, but I enjoy watching them.

The previous week, I had to do the cooking early in the morning, cause my brother takes his dinner along from home to his work. My mom actually had been operated on one of her eyes and she’s not allowed to bend. On Saturday, I completely forgot that it was Saturday and woke up a little bit late in the morning, and I was like, ‘Oh gosh, I’m not getting done with preparing dinner before 7 o’clock, I’ll ask bro to buy his meal outside today.’ I had already packed his bread and I still didn’t see my bro cause he was sleeping, that is when I realized that it was Saturday…haha. I actually was done with preparing the daal at 9.15; it took 3 hours before it was done, so I didn’t mind having started early with preparing dinner.

Anyways, I was about to tell you further about my cousin’s wedding.

This is the wedding card of my cousin’s wedding.

The next morning when I got at my cousin’s house, the guys from the decoration were busy working on some other decorations. Married women of the family were just about to apply haldi (curcuma longa) on the bride’s skin. Cloths get stained by the haldi, so new cloths aren’t suitable for this occasion. After the bride had been applied with haldi on her hands, arms, feet, legs and face, the bride made hand-prints with the remaining haldi mixture on a wall.

This is what the decoration guys were working on: the maroh where the traditional wedding ceremony around a fire takes place.

Then the hawankund for the fire with decorations around it was placed in the middle of the maroh.

And finally the blankets were placed, where the men (groom’s relatives) and pandit (priest) would sit. My nephew had placed the blankets this way, but it was later on changed and placed differently.

The red bench is the seat where the bride and groom sat during the traditional wedding ceremonies. It was placed in the maroh by the bride’s brother-in-law. The bench had been given a special welcome by married women before it was placed in the maroh.

The guys from the decoration worked further on the decorations for the special seat where the bride and groom would sit after the wedding ceremonies.

This is where the wedding cake would come.

The bride’s sisters also placed the gifts for the guests on a special table: scented candles.

Then it was time to help with the cooking, and we also got to taste all the yummy pastries before it would be served at night. There was ghugri, samosa, kroket and bara.

Bara being baked.

My younger sister saw my 80-year old aunt sleeping on the chair with her mouth wide open and pinched me to take a picture. I climbed on the chair next to her and took a picture. When I was off the chair, she woke up and I acted as if I was just about to take a group picture of my other aunts sitting next to her…haha. When I showed it to the others, they were all laughing. I don’t think I should be placing that naughty picture out here.:) I then enjoyed playing with one of my baby nieces, she’s cute and adorable. Then helped mom with making balls out of a meal and water paste for the welcome of the groom. Married women throw the balls in different directions when the groom arrives at the bride’s home. When my other cousin (the bride’s brother) was married, there was a white man who didn’t know about Indian marriages, and one of the balls got in his lap. He started eating it, and when I said that it isn’t for eating, he said that he wasn’t eating it…we laughed a lot about this incident afterwards.

When we reached home, my parents immediately took a shower and got ready for the wedding party. I did the dishes and after that, my elder sister asked me to take some pictures of her; she was looking pretty in her black saree. I was feeling tired and lied on my bed for 5 minutes before taking a shower and getting ready. I was wearing a salwaar which my sister had gifted me. For the bhatwaan I also was wearing a salwaar which one of my uncle’s had gifted me; so I didn’t need to buy any cloths for this occasion.
I’ll tell you about the final part of the wedding story next time.

Hugs and kisses,

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