Monday, May 2, 2011

My baby is almost 1 year!

A hurray 4 my blog! On the 9th May, it will be a year ago that I had posted my first pictures on this blog. You guys get the pleasure to watch the cake, I’ve eaten it…lolz…this is a wedding cake picture of my cousins wedding.:)

Hope you guys had enjoyed your Easter.
At night on Easter Sunday everyone at home, except for dad (who’s throat was hurting), went to ‘White Beach’. We met up with my aunt, uncle, cousins and their friends out there and had a lot of fun, especially with my two cousins who were wearing sunglasses at night as headbands and went swimming along with their sunglasses. When one of my cousins put on her very glittering sunglasses we all bursted out in a laugh. The riverwater was superb and the cold breeze gave us a warm welcome. It was crowded by lots of people and now and then enjoyed watching boats passing by. The food was also very yum; my younger sister had made filled bara’s and aunt had brought fried rice, teloh and also bara (but not filled) from home. I think I needed this outing; I had been feeling very tired for quite some time without having done anything tiresome. These are some smiling faces I had captured in dad’s camera.

It was almost 4.30 in the morning when we reached home. My elder sister also came home from Saint Lucia in the morning, but she was in a deep sleep when we reached home. When I woke up in the morning I got this cute pencil from her.;)

Wishing all moms a happy mother’s day in advance; because of you, this world is special!;)

A beautiful gift 4 a beautiful mom!



  1. Happy Birthday (Blog of course):)

    It really feels nice to read your post :)
    keep the good work going


  2. belated Happy Blogversary!!
    that was a wonderful night out that you had!