Friday, May 20, 2011

Kido is a mommy!

On the 14th April our Kido had given birth to two adorable kittens. I was very excited when our Kido was expecting her 1st kittens, but also a little bit afraid that something would go wrong. A month before her delivery she was feeling quite uncomfortable and meowing; once she also fell off the chair on which she was sleeping. Kido’s mom had eaten her kittens twice; my cousin calls her a cannibal. I didn’t hope that something like that would happen with Kido’s kittens, because she would act wildly with her mom and sister sometimes. My cousin told me that cat’s eat their kittens if the kittens are unhealthy.  As Kido’s pregnancy drew nearer she seemed like having turned in a soft and caring cat and liked being licked by her mom. When the kittens arrived, she got so attached to her kittens that she didn’t come out of her box for three days, not even to have her meal. She only ate a piece of bread that my younger sister had given to her. She seemed to be a very caring and proud mom. I think it’s the same with human beings; a child turns a woman into a softer and more caring person. I know someone who would seem angry, would scold out and kind off would shut herself out of others, but when the baby arrived and I met her, she had turned into a pleasantly talking and caring person who liked interacting with others; I was completely surprised. Now Kido had turned very weak and I was afraid something would happen to her; her kittens needed her. But gradually she started eating, and now she’s eating more than ever before. Cats mostly don’t like human beings touching their kittens in the beginning; otherwise they hide their kittens somewhere else. We hadn’t touched her kittens, but we did look at them. I think she wasn’t comfortable with that and hid them in another box that she had discovered between some old things. About a week ago, I had touched the kittens for the 1st time and also took these pictures. One was actually trying to get out of the box. The kittens are now out of the box and exploring the place.

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