Monday, March 7, 2011

A visit to our garden mushrooms (part 2)

Notice to all goblins: There are beautiful homes available for you in our garden! Which model do you like most?

Layered mushroom attached to a tree trunk.

This beautiful fan was attached to a flower stem.

Lots of mushrooms and mushroom buds attached to a piece of a tree trunk.

These were also attached to a piece of a tree trunk; they were very creepy to watch cause there were hundreds of them attached very closely to each other. Though if you look closely they look like an artistic piece of art.:)

Don’t have mushrooms in your garden? These colorful cartoon mushrooms will brighten up your garden.

Or you can bring nature in your home by placing this beautiful  Mushrooms Night Light in your house. Doesn’t the lamp look like real mesmerizing mushrooms?

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