Friday, March 25, 2011

Neighbor’s doggies in our yard

Some time ago our neighbor’s dog had given birth to puppies in our yard. Puppies are born about two months after the dog feast (conception). Unlike with humans, dog pregnancy can’t be diagnosed with urine test. Though it can be diagnosed with blood test, with x-rays or the vet can diagnose it by feeling the dog’s abdomen (that is about after a month). In Suriname, most dogs deliver their puppies without human involvement, just like the mom of these puppies. All her puppies were born healthy. Our neighbor took the puppies away when they got bigger and came out of their nest; they were hidden under old boards. I had clicked some pictures that I would like to share with you guys. Aren’t they cute and adorable? I’m like aaahh when I look at these pictures; they were so cute. Our dog 'Bello' is probably the dad of these adorable puppies.

This is our Bello. He likes sleeping on his back like a human being and he loves attention and being cuddled. He used to do very naughty things like taking cloths to dry from the line and placing them at the entrance of our yard outside or sometimes he would take shoes and socks and make them dirty; maybe he wanted more attention. I actually don’t really know why he had started with this kind of behavior. He got some scolding from my younger brother so he stopped with his odd behavior and I’m glad he did. I would otherwise find my towel in the yard when I woke up.

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