Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A visit to our garden mushrooms (part 1)

I’ll talk a little bit about mushrooms this time and you can admire pictures of all the different kinds of mushrooms you can find in our garden. Too bad that you can’t find any goblins near any of the mushrooms…hehe:) A mould structure of very finely strung threads that lives of various nutrients (descended from the rotting process of nature) produces a bud that develops into a mushroom. There grows a lot of mushrooms in our garden, but they’re not eatable. My sister once talked about growing eatable mushrooms in our garden; they would probably do well. I’ll place half of the pictures that I’ve taken this time out here and the other half will follow next time.

Mushrooms grown out of a rotten coconut.

 After some time, the mushrooms on the coconut turned like this. They look very much different from what they were originally. I personally love their new look; they kind of look like cream colored flowers. You can see buds under the mushrooms.

The flower-looking mushrooms died and the buds under the mushrooms turned into beautiful mushrooms.

Mushroom grown on a piece of rotten sugarcane. These chips-looking mushrooms don’t have stems. I love their beautiful white color.

This one grew out of a board.

Beatifully winged mushroom, also on a board.

They seem to grow easily on boards.

Lots of mushrooms growing out of a piece of a tree trunk.

The two mushroom pictures below are close-ups of the tree trunk.

Aren’t these ones looking beautiful, even though they look like they’ve been eaten by something or probably a piece of the mushroom broke off because the tree trunk came in the way.

About 5 weeks ago, I received a postcard from a sweet friend from Switzerland and she had stuck a very cute mushroom sticker at the back of the postcard for me. This is the cute sticker from Caroline.  And no, that’s not a goblin, but a cute piggy sitting on the mushroom;)

This is a picture of the beautiful postcard from Caroline. Caroline told me that these are a Swiss specialty from Zurich and that the Luxemburgerli’s are very tasty. Thanks for your beautiful yummy looking postcard Caroline!

I found these cute looking  Garden Fairy Stickers; I feel happy by looking at them. I wish I had some of these fairies in our garden, they would make my day all fun and happy;) Decorating your scrapbook or  diary with these stickers will most definitely brighten your day in fascinating way.  Girls will love them! You’ll get 4 sheets (16 different stickers) of beautiful fairies if you order them.

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  1. Sharda, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I see we both use insects for our profile pictures! I look forward to checking out your other blog today. Great post about mushrooms! Galen